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Melbourne is notorious for its four-seasons-in-one-day temperament. Being born here, theoretically, you’d hope I had somewhat mastered strategic layering during the trans-seasonal months of spring and autumn…

‘Mastered’ might be too strong of a verb, but I would definitely say I’ve learned a thing or two about changing up an outfit at a minutes notice to adapt to the unpredictable weather.   

My number one tip is investing in light layers. Those basic cropped tees you so often spot for $30 a pop at Topshop? They’re the overpriced items you should be investing in if you plan to brave a Melbourne bi-season.  Adding a piece to your upper body that is snuggly fitted retains heat whilst still streamlining your look, so you can pop your favourite dress or cami over the top without getting frostbitten. And lucky for you, layered slip-style dresses are all the rage this season. 

Another go-to layering piece for all seasons is leather ankle boots. They’re chic and comfy, (we’re not talking 5 inch Manolo Blahnik stiletto boots, guys) but more of the ‘not flat, not heeled’ kind of style that can carry you throughout the day without causing monstrous blisters or a broken ankle. Shop around and find a classic style that will compliment your wardrobe entirely, once you’ve found the perfect pairs (yes, I have a shoe addiction) then the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, a practical parker or overcoat (ideally hooded and water resistant) provides the perfect shield from rain, sun, and wind, something Melbournians are well accustomed to more than often all in the space of an hour. This piece doesn’t have to be black or neutral toned, channel Gorman Clothing and play around with prints and colours if that’s your thing. In the end, if it wears well and keeps you cool and sheltered from the sun, but still warm and dry from the rain, you’ve found a winner.






Long sleeve Top- Topshop
Casual Slip Dress- Missguided
Parka- Marcs Clothing
Ankle Boots- ASOS
‘Rockie’ Handbag- Alexander Wang
Sunglasses- Miu Miu


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